Replacing Cabinets in Kitchen

Replacing Cabinets in Kitchen

The kitchen cabinet is the most important piece of furniture that makes a kitchen look beautiful. That’s why the design of kitchen cabinets is very important. You may want to replace the old kitchen cabinets when the time comes. You can start by changing your kitchen cabinets to have a more functional and modern kitchen. What is kitchen cabinets replacement and how to replace kitchen cabinets? In this context, we will show you how to replace old kitchen cabinets with a new one.

At BST Design, we do remodeling works such as kitchen cabinet renovation, complete kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, and home renovation. At this point, we are constantly improving ourselves and coming up with brand new designs so that you can have the house you dream of. Whatever kitchen design you dream of, we bring that kitchen to your home. Here is the kitchen cabinet renovation guide.

Before this, you can see one of our kitchen remodeling projects by watching the video below.

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The guide to replacing cabinets in the kitchen is below.

Complete Guide to Replacing Kitchen Cabinet

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Step 1: Remove the old kitchen cabinets.

Old kitchen cabinets are dismantled by a professional kitchen cabinet renovation company. Necessary precautions should be taken to do this. The kitchen cabinet is heavy and because it wears out, instant accidents can occur. To avoid such a situation, care should be taken when dismantling the old kitchen cabinet.

Step 2: The top shelf of the new kitchen cabinet is installed.

When assembling the new kitchen cabinet, the upper shelf is mounted as a priority. Necessary markings must be made on the wall to mount the upper shelf. Holes are drilled in these marked places for mounting the kitchen cabinet. Then the kitchen cabinet is mounted on these marked places. A spirit level is used while doing this. The spirit level allows the kitchen cabinet to be mounted flat at the same level. First of all, the corner cabinet is assembled. Then the middle cabinet is assembled and fixed together with the corner cabinet. Stainless steel screws are used during this fixing process. Since the kitchen is an area in contact with water, the materials used must be resistant to water and moisture. The doors of the kitchen cabinet, whose wall mount is completed, are replaced.

Step 3: Attach the crown molding on the upper kitchen cabinets.

The molding crown is mounted on the top of the kitchen cabinet to make it look stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The sill crown is fixed to the top of the kitchen cabinet using wood glue or nails.

Step 4: Lower kitchen cabinets are mounted together.

They are mounted together before putting the lower kitchen cabinets in place. A riser piece is placed under these lower cabinets, which are mounted on each other. This piece cuts off the contact of the cabinets with the floor. At this stage, a foot can be attached to the lower kitchen cabinet. Furniture legs are used optionally.

Step 5: Holes are drilled in the lower kitchen cabinets.

By making a hole in the part of the kitchen cabinet that will come to the sink, space is made for the placement of the kitchen sink. At this stage, round or square cutting can be done. Sink cuts are made upon request and in the most appropriate way to the design of the kitchen cabinet.

When installing the lower kitchen cabinets, space is left for the dishwasher and, depending on the user preference, for the washing machine.

Step 6: Finally, the doors of the lower kitchen cabinets are attached.

The doors of the lower kitchen cabinets are regularly mounted on the cabinets, like the upper cabinet doors. With this process, the assembly of the kitchen cabinet is completed. Finally, after the kitchen counter is mounted on the kitchen cabinet, the assembly of the kitchen cabinet is finished.

Refinish kitchen cabinets

20 2 Replacing Cabinets in Kitchen

Refinishing the kitchen cabinet is a job that requires professionalism. Therefore, it is necessary to work with professional kitchen renovation companies. The decision process is quite difficult for those who want to renew their kitchen cabinets. Because the kitchen cabinet is not a constantly renewed furniture. To have a quality and modern kitchen cabinet, you need to work with a reliable renovation company. As BST Design, we are a very professional company in kitchen cabinet renovation. We design and install kitchen cabinets with new and more functional interior shelves to replace your old kitchen cabinets. It is enough to call us to get the best quality kitchen cabinets at the most affordable prices.

Replacing kitchen cabinets on a budget

7 Replacing Cabinets in Kitchen

If you want to have a kitchen cabinet renovation according to your budget, you are in the right place. At BST Design, we have materials suitable for every budget. With an understanding that never compromises on quality, we choose more affordable kitchen cabinet materials according to your budget and produce them for you. If you want to renew your kitchen and have to brand new kitchen cabinets, contact us and enjoy having your dream kitchen according to your budget.

How much does it cost to replace kitchen cabinets?

It is not possible to give an exact price for the answer to the question How much does it cost to install or replace new cabinets in the kitchen. Because every kitchen is different and the process that needs to be done in every kitchen is also different. The size of the kitchen cabinet used in one kitchen and the size of the cabinet used in the other will not be compatible with each other. In addition, the type of material used in the construction of kitchen cabinets will also change the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets. You can use the cost estimator on our website for the cost of kitchen cabinet replacement. For more information, you can call us and get detailed information.

What are the differences between refacing and replacing kitchen cabinets?

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Refacing kitchen cabinets is the process of repainting the doors of the kitchen cabinets and replacing the cabinet handles. In the process of replacing kitchen cabinets, the old kitchen cabinets are completely disassembled and replaced with a new one. Refacing kitchen cabinets can be done on its own, but it is a very difficult process. Because it may not look as high quality as the paints made by professional companies. Replacing kitchen cabinets is easier. Because the kitchen cabinet is completely disassembled and replaced with a more modern and functional kitchen cabinet.

Refacing kitchen cabinets is more affordable than replacing kitchen cabinets. The most important point to consider here is is it more profitable to replace the kitchen cabinet or is more profitable to reface? Of course, it is more profitable to replace the kitchen cabinet and replace it with a more functional and clean kitchen cabinet. It is both long-lasting and you only need to spend it once. However, in the cabinets painted by hand, paint removal and deterioration occur over time. We recommend that you get help from professional kitchen renovation companies for the replacement kitchen cabinets process. To get the best quality kitchen cabinets of your dreams at the most affordable price, all you have to do is contact us.

Can you just replace the kitchen cabinets?

As BST Design, we can replace the old kitchen cabinets with more functional, modern, and stylish kitchen cabinets. We provide you with every innovation your kitchen needs with the best price guarantee. BST Design is the address for every innovation you need, including kitchen cabinet renovation, kitchen countertop renovation, kitchen tile renovation, and complete kitchen renovation. That’s why it’s not so hard to reach quality kitchen cabinets anymore. All you have to do is call us for kitchen cabinets produced using affordable, modern, and quality materials.

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