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Remodeling the bathroom is a great way to add real value to your home.

Out of all the home remodeling projects, few can provide the benefits of a bathroom remodeling/renovation project and you can have an entirely new bathroom.

From small projects like the replacement of a sink, tub, or toilet to large projects like complete bathroom remodeling, you can find all the services that fit your expectations with BST Design & Build.

You can also have an entirely new bathroom in as little as a few days with our experienced workforce consisting of master plumbers and licensed electricians.

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BST Design & Build stands out from most other kitchen and bath design firms due to our designers’ caring and intuitive approach to working with clients. Our main goal is to give our customers a seamless and hassle-free experience when choosing and ordering a new kitchen or bathroom.

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To better serve our community, we have necessary licenses and insurance to do work in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


Our design service provides a unique and tailored service providing a design suited to all budgets and requirements.

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We provide the very best value for money with our direct manufacturer savings, delivering quality at very competitive rates.


Not overlooking anything we provide quality products and second to none cabinets tailor made with the finish required and a life time warranty.

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Everything provided is triple checked with a rigorous quality control system to ensure your peace of mind by delivering your purchased products as promised.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Remodeling a Master Bathroom

The best time to update your master bathroom is right now. It is one of the most profitable and satisfying things you can do for you and your home. We are here to help you, so don’t worry if the price has you on the fence about starting the process.

We will further explain more about master bathroom remodeling prices below, as well as how to maximize the space. After reading the post, please don’t hesitate to leave a remark, or get in touch with us by phone or email if you have any questions or comments.

How much does it typically cost to redesign a master bathroom?

You’re looking at anything between $40,000 and $70,000 when you take the cost of labor and supplies into account nowadays. That represents the current national average price for redesigning a master bathroom. The good news is that you can still take action to lower it; this situation is not fixed.

There are many marketable materials and high-quality goods. Some of them are on display in our showroom. Your countertops, cabinets, showerhead, tub, and fixtures are a few examples. These are the standard improvements you make to a master bathroom.


What elements affect the price of remodeling a master bathroom?

Plumbing and Design

We advise keeping your master bathroom’s outdated design and plumbing if you’re on a tight budget. The expense of your remodeling will significantly increase as a result of the escalating professional costs for plumbers in today’s market.

You can inspect your plumbing for damage and replace any broken pipes with new ones. Rather than spending more money to move them, leaving them where they are in the layout is a wiser decision.

Bathroom floors

Your restoration budget may increase if your master bathroom has a vast floor area. Ceramic, porcelain, and linoleum tiles are the most popular and reasonably priced bathroom flooring options. They are durable and dependable against water.

It will cost you the least if you choose one of their regular designs. However, the price of your tile will increase if you like those with elaborate patterns.

You can ask for a free estimate from us here if you need one for that.

Electrical and lighting projects

Enhancing the beauty of your bathrooms may also be done by installing lovely lighting fixtures. You can pick ones that go with the room’s walls and floors.

We advise hiring a professional to inspect and replace the electrical connections in your bathrooms if they haven’t been examined in years.

Updated vanity top

Granite or quartz are your best choices for midrange quality and cost. Be aware that the caliber of the stone selected will affect the cost of your countertop.

New toilet or bathtub

We carry a variety of selections from dependable vendors in our showroom. We can assist you in locating one that meets your needs and is inexpensive.

Additional considerations for installing

The following features for your master bathroom might be of interest to you:

*The heated tile outside of your shower or bathtub

*The walk-in closet attached to the master bathroom

*The added bathtub or shower

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We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading the article. You can look at our master bathroom remodeling ideas photographs online for inspiration if you need it for your bathroom project.

Our area of expertise at BST Design & Build is remodeling bathrooms. Our designers are approachable and considerate. They are ready to accommodate your preferences and financial limitations. It gives us great pleasure to watch you achieve your ideal master bathroom on a spending plan that works for you.


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We provide the very best value for money, delivering quality at very competitive rates.
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