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Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen was used to be a small place that we only cook our meals. But the modern lifestyle changed everything. Today we not only cook, but also have dinner, breakfast, get together with all family or friends and socialize, or even watch games or movies. We use our kitchens as a dining room, living room, or even sometimes as a bedroom. Most people spend most of their time in the kitchen. Kitchens are the second most worn-out part of our homes after the bathroom. Kitchens, which are constantly in contact with moisture, odor, cleaning materials, and many other things, need to be renewed after a period of use.

A kitchen renovation is a costly business. That’s why you need to use your budget wisely by working with the right company. It is possible to organize the kitchen areas rationally with the support of professional renovation companies. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling company, please contact us.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling company, please contact us by using below button.

Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

The bathroom is definitely the busiest room in a house. Because every member of the family uses it individually for many reasons and for different purposes. Even if it is a large family, there will definitely be a line for it all the time. So, that much regularly used place will wear out easily. Also, the bathrooms are the place of water and humidity which can easily give harm to the materials. So, they need professional care all the time.

To have the best bathroom with a minimum budget, it is enough to work with BST Design and Build.

All you have to do is to contact us to make the most stylish renovation for your bathroom, but also the most suitable for your budget.

You can get detailed information by examining our bathroom renovation page.

Custom Home Design Ideas & Inspiration

Custom Home used to be inert places of our houses. We were just storing unnecessary stuff in there and maybe barely see that place. But today, just like the kitchens, the roles of the basements have changed. People started to use these places effectively nowadays. It is because of some different kinds of reasons. First of all, life became more expensive, and leaving this kind of place inert is not logical. Also, more and more people share their homes with relatives, parents, or just strangers. These also force people to find alternatives in order to live more freely. With the custom home renovation, you can have rooms in many different styles. You can turn the basement into a movie theater or build a playground there. Besides, you can build a drinking cellar in the basement. At this point, just imagine that BST Design and Build will do. Just call us for Basement Finishing prices.

You can get detailed information by viewing our Custom Home Renovation Page.

Home Additions Ideas

It is always fun to have changes in the home. This may be a new, small accessory or adding a new part to the home. Every home gets older and requires a partial or total renovation, remodeling, or reinforcement. The main issue is to do the right renovation at reasonable prices. Professional designing and building companies exist for this. Renovating a house and living in a better place is one of the biggest dreams of every person. To realize this dream, we all research home decoration and examine interesting examples of how we can make our home better. As the BST Design and Build team, we offer you the opportunity to renovate your home with a minimum budget.

You can see home renovation ideas in the images below. Our company is with you with modern, traditional, rustic, or country-style home renovation ideas suitable for your style. Please contact us for house renovation prices. The most affordable home renovation prices are possible with BST Design and Build.

You can get more detailed information by reviewing our home additions page.


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