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We provide the very best money value, delivering quality at great rates.

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BST Design & Build stands out from most other kitchen and bath design firms due to our designers’ caring and intuitive approach to working with clients. Our main goal is to give our customers a seamless and hassle-free experience when choosing and ordering a new kitchen or bathroom.

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To better serve our community, we have necessary licenses and insurance to do work in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


Our design service provides a unique and tailored service providing a design suited to all budgets and requirements.

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We provide the very best value for money with our direct manufacturer savings, delivering quality at very competitive rates.


Not overlooking anything we provide quality products and second to none cabinets tailor made with the finish required and a life time warranty.

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Everything provided is triple checked with a rigorous quality control system to ensure your peace of mind by delivering your purchased products as promised.

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The Advantages of Kitchen Renovation

Many people view the kitchen as the center of the house since it is the place where families gather to prepare meals and feast together. The kitchen is frequently used for a variety of other activities as well, such as doing schoolwork or holding family meetings and therefore it needs to be a completely functioning space that appeals to guests.

However, a lot of families hesitate when the time comes for a kitchen renovation. They ponder whether the money required to purchase the kitchen of their dreams will be worthwhile.

There are numerous benefits of redesigning your kitchen; a few of these benefits listed below.

*The value of the home is increased by kitchen remodeling.

*Owners of homes now have more choices.

*Homeowners frequently decide to upgrade their appliances.

*Encourages family time spent making and enjoying meals at home.

*Renovations to the kitchen make it possible to expand the home’s interior space.

Homeowners who see the finished product will likely want to remodel other rooms in the house as well. Deciding what to work on next can be a hard decision. However, given that everyone in the family, as well as guests, use the bathroom frequently, many homeowners choose to go there next.

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The Advantages of Bathroom Renovation

When it’s time to undertake house improvements, think about starting with the kitchen or bathroom. You will be happy you put the time and money into your project once you see the results, and you might want to make further improvements. We will work with you to design the ideal bathroom fit to your requirements since our happiness depends on your satisfaction.

You can depend on us to complete the task successfully so give us a call right away. We would be delighted to discuss your project with you and how we may be of assistance.

*Offers a return on value of between 54 and 65 percent

*Boost energy effectiveness

*Feel and appear much larger

*Add some glamor to a practical space.

*Bathroom is tidy and sanitary

*Shower to bathtub conversion

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