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Basement Renovation

If your house has a basement, you can create a new living space for you. The basement can be an escape and resting point in your house, as well as an area where you can organize wonderful movie nights or spend time with your family. You can also decorate the basement like an office and manage your work from there. Or you can devote time to art activities in your basement. All of these are among the ideas that can be applied for the basement design of a house. As BST Design & Build we are one of the best basement finishing companies in Maryland. We can change your old basement and turn it into a new living space. For more information please contact us.

Basement Finishing and Basement Renovation

Today’s basements can be transformed into anything you wish – an ultimate game room with a cocktail bar, a playroom that grows with your family, a home theater, an inspiring office, an extra bedroom or guest suite, a workout space, and also, extra storage space.

We invite you to a meeting in our unique basement ideas center, showcasing the latest in the basement design and architecture.

You can also have an entirely new basement in as little as a few days with our experienced workforce like master plumbers and licensed electricians

How can I decorate my basement less expensive?

Living in a detached house is a lifestyle. Some people prefer or obligated to live in city centers because of reasons like work or education. The houses at city centers are mostly small and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) because the space is so valuable and limited. That’s why most of the people prefer moving to suburbs and detached houses in the upcoming years for better life quality.

Detached houses are mostly 2-storied and have an underground part which is the basement. Most of the time, basements are used as storage space where all the extra stuff is placed. This makes the basements inert places. But the basements are great places for alternative purposes that you can benefit from. If you haven’t turned that place into something useful, it is not too late.

Thanks to the ideas of how to evaluate the basement that we prepared for you, you can create a stylish, useful and aesthetic space that did not even come to your mind. You can make a children’s playroom or if you want, you can make a pool room for yourself and your friends.

If you love watching movies and want to make movie nights with your friends, you can turn your basement into a movie room. Or you can even turn your basements into a living place with an additional bathroom and a small kitchen that you can host your guests. Or you can rent that part of the room to someone which will make you earn some extra money.

As BST Design & Build, we can give you great basement finishing ideas as above. You can decorate and design your basement by yourself. However, it is always better to get professional assistance.

When you decorate your basement by yourself, you may encounter some problems in the future. For example, you may not be able to choose the right floor type that will cause some issues. Or the paint you choose may not be suitable for the walls. BST Design & Build Company’s assistance becomes valuable at this point. We are at your service with our great expertise. As BST Design & Build Company, we are proud to serve you.

If you are looking for basement finishing companies near me (you) please contact us. Because we are sure that we can make the best basement renovation job at an affordable price. Just leave the heavy work to us. What you will do is just to enjoy your time in your new basement peacefully for many years. We are at your service with our turnkey basement finishing projects.


Is it worth to finish a basement?

Redesigning the basement of the house adds value to your home. If you are planning to sell your house, a newly renovated and redesigned modern basement will absolutely make the price of the home higher. On the other hand, you will have another tasty renovated place to spend your time. In both cases, you will have a more valuable house. So, from all aspects, it is logical to have a basement finishing.

How can I make my basement look better?

If you want your basement to be more useful and look more beautiful, the procedures are very simple.

  1. First of all, basement insulation should be provided well.

Whatever you do in a humid basement that gets water from anywhere, it won’t work. There will always moisture and odor that no one wants to smell or feel. On the other hand, moisture will not only give damage to the basement but also to the entire house. Your house can be affected so badly by these. Moisture is also very dangerous for your health. So moisture will probably give harm to you and your house. To overcome this problem, the best solution is basement finishing.

Thermal insulation is the most effective way to beat moisture. It will also ensure to make the basement warm and waterproof. The first step of thermal insulating is to provide wall insulation. There are certain ways to have wall insulation. As construction technology is evolving, the wall insulation is easier than the older times. You cover your wall with special items and protective chemicals to ensure insulation.

After this, you can also paint your walls with different colors and add a different atmosphere to the basement. Or if you want you can cover all the walls with decorative sheets. Everything is possible with BST Design & Build. Just decide to renovate your basement and then you can leave the rest to us. You can be sure that we will make the best renovation for you at reasonable prices.

  1. Windows should be made appropriate.

Most of the basements do not have windows, or if they have, they are so small and stand at higher of the walls. The thing that should be done to the windows is cleaning first and making them water and cold-proof then. After cleaning the windows, you can complete it with big curtains to make them look bigger and better. Big curtains will give the impression of big windows. Thus, although it is a basement, it will be perceived brighter.

Everything is possible with BST Design & Build. As long as you ask, we will design and offer it to you.

Whether it’s a kitchen, a game room or a movie theater, the choice is entirely up to you. After deciding what you want to turn your basement into, just leave the rest to us.

Be positive about the basement floor decoration. You can place light shades everywhere to create a bright and spacious look. You can paint the walls in light shades or decorate them with patterned stylish wallpapers. This will make the basement seem like a wonderful and joyful living room.

In addition to this style of light color tone, you can also make a cool decoration in dark colors. A dim and bohemian decoration can also be a different alternative. If your house has two floors, you can turn your basement into a kitchen.

The first thing to decide before decorating the basement floors is to adjust the facilities suitable for the functionality desired to be caught in the space. The ergonomics of the electrical installation are very important for the lights, computers and other devices if you want make it like a home-office environment.

If the goal is to design a playroom for the children, warmth, comfort and easy-to-clean hygienic floors are the things to consider in the first place. In addition, even if a living space or guest bedroom is planned, comfort and ventilation are the most important things that should not forget.

After the decision phase, which is generally decided as bedrooms, hobby areas, games or TV rooms, the most and most important issue about basement designing is the lighting systems. The starting point for these areas with low ceilings and deprived of natural light is the appropriate ceiling lighting.

As you can see, the basement finishing ideas are many. Just imagine. Let us as BST Design & Build.


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