What does BST Design and Build do?

As BST Design and Build Company, we care for where you live. We know that your home is very important. You work throughout your life and use all your money just to spend your time in a warm, relaxing, trendy, and fancy home for the rest of your life. So you should be pleased with your home. Because it is the castle of your personal life that you are protected from the outside world.

So, what we really do is to make this sacred place of you better and more attractive. It doesn't matter that you are new in the house and want to change it according to your taste, or your house has become outdated after all those years and you want to renovate it; our job is to recreate a wonderful place for you. We can remodel or renovate all of your house at once or individual parts of the home. It is up to your wish and budget. We can assure you that we will achieve the best and you will be %100 satisfied.

Our services are about all of your home or individual parts of it. The services are generally;

  • Custom home renovation,
  • Kitchen remodeling,
  • Bathroom renovation,
  • Basement finishing,
  • Home improvement.

As we mentioned, these are the general works we do. You can check them below and learn the details about these activities. But we can do whatever you wish at whichever part of your house. What we will do first is to explore the current situation, make an assessment, and create the best plan for you with different alternatives. The only thing left to you is just to decide and let us do the best. As Design and Build Company, we are always ready and keen to assist you and give you valuable advice.




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