Mirror Decorating Ideas

Mirror Decorating Ideas – How to decorate a home with mirrors?

24 Mirror Decorating Ideas

In ancient times, aristocratic families often used mirrors in decoration to prove that they had a lavish life. In the living rooms furnished with enormous gold-plated mirrors, women would surely look at themselves as they passed the mirrors to check how their puffy hair and fancy evening dresses looked.

Likewise, looking at a man’s mirror was considered an indication that he was well-groomed and stylish. Mirrors have been the symbol of luxurious life and show, as well as positive energy. For example, in Feng Shui philosophy, placing mirrors in front of the entrance door is an important tool to reflect the energy of the person coming.

As in all home decoration, the use of mirrors in living room decoration is one of the rising trends of recent times. Whether you have a big living room or a tiny living room, decorative mirrors should definitely be used.

The use of mirrors in living room decoration varies depending on you. If you want to add depth to your room, that is, if your purpose of using the mirror in this room is to make it look wider and more spacious, then you should use large and wide mirrors.

If you use the mirror in your room only to make it look aesthetically pleasing, then you can choose from tiny mirrors. The use of mirrors with embroidered gilded edges is one of the indispensable elements of home decorations in the classical style.

It is time to use mirrors, which are always an indispensable part of home decoration, outside of bathrooms and entrances. We have compiled the best examples of the use of mirrors in living rooms, which have been very popular in recent years.

Did you know that the use of mirrors in kitchens has become widespread in recent years? You can get kitchen renovation ideas by checking out our kitchen remodeling page.

Mirror Decorating Ideas For Living Room

25 Mirror Decorating Ideas

  1. You can use round mirror models for a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Even if the living room where the mirror will be used is small, the mirrors will be one of the most assertive parts of your decoration. The use of mirrors in living room decoration varies depending on the need. If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your room, you can use a large round mirror using a solid mirror frame.

  1. A big mirror for deeper rooms

26 Mirror Decorating Ideas

If you want to add depth to your room; In other words, if your main purpose in using the mirror is to show the area you use wider and more spacious than it is, then you need large and wide mirrors. You can easily use the mirror by mounting it on the wall behind the sofa or combining it with a bookcase or console.

If you want to add a glamorous atmosphere to your room at the same time; You should prefer mirrors with embroidered edges. Gold and rose colors in edge embroidery are very trendy this year

You can also use the mirror upright in front of a narrow wall to show your room wide. A seat, lighting, or a living room plant you will put in front of the mirror will both look decorative and add a different touch to the room.

  1. Small mirror models for Minimalism Lovers

27 Mirror Decorating Ideas

If your choice is small mirrors in decoration, you are faced with endless options. It is possible to use many mirrors of different sizes and shapes together.

Bedroom Mirror Ideas

Attention should be paid to the place where the mirror will be placed in the bedroom. Full-length mirrors or multiple frameless mirrors provide a rich picture. If there is not enough space for a suitable wall to hang the mirror or a standing mirror, you can cover the doors of the wardrobe with a mirror.

28 Mirror Decorating Ideas

Dressing room mirror ideas

Dressing rooms are very small and depressing spaces. However, it is possible to show even such areas larger by using mirrors. The room can be made larger by covering the wall with the shelves with a mirror. You can also use reflective glasses, which are semi-reflective surfaces, on the doors that separate your wardrobe from your bedroom. Reflecting almost as much as mirrors, these surfaces transmit light without showing the interior of your clothing room and allow daylight to enter your clothing room.

29 Mirror Decorating Ideas

Kids rooms mirror ideas

When choosing mirrors for children’s rooms, you should choose models with plastic frames and sharp corners, as well as being fun and decorative. While hanging the mirror, you should adjust its height according to your child’s height.

30 Mirror Decorating Ideas

Mirror ideas for the entrance

A group of mirrors placed side by side in the corridors will prevent the entrance from looking narrow and dark. When mirrors are used creatively, they add brand new dimensions to even narrow, shapeless, and dim spaces. The key point for such narrow spaces is to place the mirror in a way that will expand the space.

31 Mirror Decorating Ideas

Mirror ideas in bathrooms

bathroom renovation

Undoubtedly, mirrors are indispensable in bathrooms. There are also different solutions than hanging bathroom mirrors over the sink. You can enlarge a narrow and dark bathroom by completely covering one wall with a mirror. Since this wide and reflective surface will reflect all the lights you will use in the space, your bathroom will have a brighter and more spacious appearance.


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