Permit For Kitchen Remodel

Permit For Kitchen Remodel

Do you need a permit to kitchen remodel? If you are asking this, then you are in the right place. Today, we will tell you about the permits you need to get to renovate the kitchen and what you need to do. To learn kitchen remodeling details click here.

 Do you need a permit to kitchen remodel?

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Renovating a kitchen is a very detailed job. There is a lot of work to be done and in this context, there are some rules set by the city government. In the context of these rules, there may be some points where you need to get permission to renovate the kitchen. In the complete kitchen renovation, the permissions you need to get to renovate the kitchen are more. But for example, if you are only going to renovate your kitchen cabinet, you do not need to get any permission.

So do you need a permit for a kitchen remodel? Let’s examine together what permissions you need if any.

Which permits do you need to remodel a kitchen?

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The points where you need to get permission to renovate the kitchen are electrical and plumbing changes. This is a permit you need to get not only for a kitchen renovation but also for bathroom renovation. You must notify the city government you are connected to when changing important installations such as water installations and electrical cables between the walls.

But if you are going to paint only the walls of the kitchen, if you are going to buy a new countertop, or if you are going to replace a faucet, you do not need to get any permission. These changes are called cosmetic changes. If only cosmetic changes are to be made in a remodeling business, there is no permit required.

In addition, if you need to get permission for kitchen renovation works, that is, if electricity and plumbing will be changed, you may need to allocate a certain budget for permission in the cities you are connected to. Usually, the permitted budget is 1% of your total kitchen renovation cost. Although it is a small amount, adding it to the replacement cost will give you more clear information on how to manage the budget you need.

It should also be noted that each state has different rules on this subject. For example, the issues you need to get permission for in one state may be different, while in another state it may be a very different issue. You can get the easiest information about this subject, where there is no certain standard, from the state administrators where you live or from the renewal company you started working with.

If you are doing a DIY kitchen renovation, you will have to do this research yourself, but if you have agreed with a professional renovation company, that company will know what permits you need and will guide you in this regard. Each project has its own special permission, as the required permits vary on a project basis. For example, for some projects, renewal permits are granted immediately, while for some projects, renewal permits may be granted for a longer period of time.

So what happens if I make a renovation without obtaining the necessary permissions while renovating the kitchen? You’ve asked yourself this question a lot. Let’s examine.

What happens if the kitchen is renovated without permissions?

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If you do not get the necessary permissions when renovating your kitchen, this can cause many problems. For example, when you want to sell your house, you may need to show your permission documents regarding the innovations made. At this stage, if you have not obtained the necessary permits, you may not be able to sell your house.

To avoid such a risk, we recommend that you obtain the necessary permissions before making any renovations. In addition, not obtaining the necessary permits may cause the works to be stopped during the renovation, incur additional costs, or make it difficult to sell the house. To avoid these problems, you can ensure that your project works safely by obtaining the necessary permissions.

How do you Get a Permit for Kitchen Remodeling?


It is the landlord’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits for the kitchen remodel project. The host must obtain the necessary permits and keep them with them for the correct progress of the works within the scope of the project. During an audit, it is checked whether the permits are suitable for the project. This will show if your home complies with local codes.

If you are doing a DIY project, you can contact the City Government Permitting Office to find out what permits you need.

Below you can see which subjects you may need permission for.

Types of Kitchen Remodel Permits

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If you are going to;

  • make a new room for your house,
  • make a new water installation in your home,
  • change any electrical installation,
  • demolish a load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall in your home,
  • put a trash can in front of the house
  • make a change related to the sewer line,
  • install a new air conditioner or oven,
  • If make a change to the ventilation system,
  • Building permit

You do not need to obtain a permit in every state for the above renewals. However, for projects with a replacement cost of more than $5,000 in general, a project permit may be requested.

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