• How long does kitchen renovation take?

    According to the size of the project, the complete kitchen renovation takes at most 30 days, 1 month. But there is not a certain time for kitchen renovation. The type of your Project will determine the time. Contact BST Design as a kitchen remodeling contractor to learn about details of the duration of kitchen remodeling.

  • How much does remodeling a kitchen cost?

    The kitchen remodels cost varies according to the process of kitchen remodeling. It depends on the project size and materials that used in kitchen renovation. According to the statistics a Standard complete kitchen renovation costs between 10.000$ and 30.000$. Kitchen remodeling contractors will help you to determine the kitchen remodeling cost. So for more detailed information about kitchen remodel cost please contact us.

  • Who does kitchen remodeling?

    Renovating part of the home is very exciting for every woman. Innovation is very good for women, especially in an area where womens pend themost time. But of course, you need to all ocate a budgett or enovate the kitchen. You can renew your kitchen yourself. How ever, by a voiding labor and labor costs, you make mistakes. It is difficulttore new your kitchen on your own like an expert. That’swhy BST Design and Build is here for you. If you are looking for kitchen remodeling companies please contact us. We are here to givethe best remodeling services to you. Kitchen Remodel on a tight budget could seem hard for you. But it is not like that. A kitchen remodel on a tight budget is possible. So as kitchen renovators we are here to remodel your kitchen for a small cost.