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Basements used to be inert places of our houses. We were just storing unnecessary stuff in there and maybe barely see that place. But today, just like the kitchens, the roles of the basements have changed. People started to use these places effectively nowadays. It is because of some different kinds of reasons. First of all, life became more expensive and leaving this kind of place inert is not logical. Also, more and more people share their homes with relatives, parents, or just strangers. These also force people to find alternatives in order to live more freely.

Whatever the reasons they are, basements became valuable. More and more people are remodeling their basements, which also created their own styles and trends. Today’s basements can be transformed into so many different things; an ultimate game room with a cocktail bar, a playroom that grows with your family, a home theater, an inspiring office, an extra bedroom, or guest suite, a workout space, and also, extra storage space. The question is; how will you do this?

We think that you should leave this to the professionals. Renovation companies can create selections better than anyone else, help you to decide, prepare the plan, and do the basement finishing as soon as possible. BST Design and Build Company is capable and also experienced in doing this. Our company can give you great basement finishing ideas. You can even decorate and design your basement by yourself. However, it is always better to get professional assistance. And cheaper.

What we do is to take your basement and transform it into a wonderful living place. You can change the whole basement or just do some simple changes. Everything is up to your wishes and of course your money. BST Design and Build Company is always ready to help and assist you.

Now it is time to see our basement examples, which will definitely help you to shape your mind.

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