Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement and Home Design Ideas & Inspiration Gallery

As also we mentioned the works we do at Why BST section, BST Design, and Build Company is a 25 year-old-company and has so many works as a contractor and residential works. We are especially experienced residential remodeling in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC

We give importance to your houses. Because it is your and your families' confidential space and you spend so most of your time there. Our mission is to make you and your family happier. The better your home is the happier you are. This is our motto. We are serving the homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

We have different kinds of services. If you want, we can renovate or remodel all the parts of your house. Of course, this will be a little bit more expensive. But we are promising you a new home and you will never regret it. Our proof is the work we have done in the past. In this gallery, we are sharing with you the previous works we have achieved or some examples of what we can do. You can check for them and fill a request form about your house.

What do We do?

On the other hand, we also make renovations partially in the house. If you don't have sufficient budget for a complete renovation, or you only want to change one section of your homes like the kitchen or bathroom, we can remodel those parts without giving any harm to the rest of the house.

So, our general works are;

  • Kitchen remodeling,
  • Bathroom renovation,
  • Basement finishing,
  • Flooring,
  • Custom home renovation,
  • Home improvement.

In this gallery, we collected our pictures into these sections. You can see them and learn about what we do. For more information or assistance, you can contact us anytime. Our experienced team is always ready and keen to help you. You can also directly reach us when we are online.

So it is time to see our projects.


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