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Floors that are used intensely during the day and may deteriorate in a very short time or lose their first characteristics. In order not to encounter such situations, various flooring applications are made on concrete floors.

With these applications, the floor can be made more durable and healthy. However, the best choice should be made among the flooring types by determining the needs correctly before making the flooring. As BST Design and Build, we choose the most suitable flooring type for your home style and apply it to your home. Contact us for more information about flooring types and prices.

Does flooring increase home value?

If you are going to sell your home, flooring applications can increase the value of your home. With BST Design and Build, you can change the flooring of your home at the most affordable price. And you can sell your home for a higher amount.

What are the different types of flooring?

Below, we will try to give you the answers to the question of what are the types of flooring to get ideas and choose the best flooring type before you make flooring.

Which are the Most Preferred Flooring Types?

The needs of the area should be determined by making a detailed discovery on the ground before flooring operations. The thickness and materials of the floor covering application to be made according to these needs will be determined.

At the same time, cracks and problems on the concrete floor, if any, should be determined during this discovery and corrected before the floor covering process. After the discovery process is over, the operations can be started by choosing the most suitable floor covering type. As BST Design and Build, we have brought together the most preferred flooring types and applications for you.

Here are the most preferred flooring types:

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • PVC Floor Covering
  • Laminated Parquet Flooring
  • Tile Floor Covering
  • Marble flooring

The right choice is important in flooring. We want to be beautiful both in terms of insulation and an aesthetic appearance by covering the floor in our house and office. While making these choices, attention should be paid to the location, seasonal conditions, and purpose of the application place.

One of the most important elements that you should pay attention to the interior decoration of your home is flooring.

To complete the room and ensure the integrity of the room, you should decide on the floor decoration by paying attention to the textile products you use. This huge piece that will determine the energy and style of you or your home should be chosen carefully.

 Tiles Flooring Models

Tiles are for you if you want to make a brilliant choice in the flooring of your home! So, tiles, whose upper surface consists of glossy polished tiles panels, are generally preferred in large houses. It makes the environment in which it is located more spacious. It is highly preferred in workplaces and schools because it does not stain in terms of cleaning and does not easily stain. If you are thinking of laying a floor with stairs, Tiles are not suitable for you.

Handmade Tiles

It is a flooring model that mostly appears in Mediterranean architecture and reflects that region, and it is continued as a Spanish tradition in Mexico when viewed from a country basis. It is created with the perfect harmony of handmade terracotta tiles called Cotto, which are widely used as interior designers.

Wood Laminated Parquet Flooring Models

Wooden laminated flooring, which is easily laid like synthetic parquets as flooring, creates a more elegant and natural atmosphere in appearance. As a reason, we can say that it is made of wood. It differs according to the color and quality of the tree.

Considering the cost, the reason for the cost is higher than the normal synthetic parquet is that it is manufactured from the real tree we mentioned above and it is better quality.

Marble Flooring Models

Marble is a flooring model that never goes out of fashion. Apart from being more costly than other models, there is no reason not to prefer it with the facilities it offers. It is frequently preferred with its stylish and modern appearance and its easily cleaned surface.

Epoxy Flooring Models

Epoxy has become a highly preferred flooring model in homes, schools, and workplaces in recent years. Especially 3-dimensional epoxy floors are highly preferred by schools. Another preferred reason for epoxy is that it does not crack. You can use it with peace of mind after having it done.

Floor covering types appeal to many tastes and needs, and they have different features and costs. Please contact us for floor covering costs.

What type of flooring is waterproof?

PVC flooring types and water-resistant flooring types are among the water-resistant flooring types.

  • Porcelain tile.
  • Bathroom flooring

Such floor coverings are also known for their water resistance. As BST Design and Build, make sure that we will choose the most suitable water-resistant floor type for your home. We are in constant communication with you and we carry out our applications in line with your request.

What is the cheapest most durable flooring?

PVC flooring prices, which are known to be preferred quite frequently, are the most affordable compared to many flooring.

PVC flooring is in many flooring; it is considered to be the most cost-effective, longest lasting and most useful.

Floor coverings produced for every space;

  • In schools,
  • Office
  • At home,
  • In hospitals,
  • In the pharmacy,
  • Sports halls,
  • It is used in kindergartens and many other fields.

PVC flooring is preferred with its easy application. PVC, which also has a wide range of patterns, is produced for every style.

If the application has been done by a professional master and the material used is of good quality, the life of the floor covering will take many years. Everybody wants to have durable and quality flooring. With BST Design and Build you can have modern flooring types with low cost. We are working for your happiness.

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